Luke Kennedy

Age: 25

Birthplace: Rangely, Colorado

Now residing in: Carbondale, Colorado

Favorite snowmobile film: Braaap 10

How do you spend your free time?:  Snowmobiling, dirt biking, jeeping, wake boarding, surfing

Current sled: 09 Polaris 600IQR

What are your plans for winter 2011-2012?:  I hope to push myself  to the fullest and take a giant leap forward!

What is your favorite toy (other than sleds)?:  My dirt bike and my Jeep are tied!

What makes you happy?: Achieving goals, being smooth, and Burning gas!

What pisses you off?: Flat light days!!!

Favorite area to ride: Colorado in general, it has it all!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:  I hope I am still tearing it up here in Colorado

Where do you see snowmobiling in 10 years?:  I can see some crazy sleds, super lightweight and wild power!